It is coming

We traveled in Utah in the middle of April 2021. Bryce canyon was our target but we have seen many interesting thing along the way. We had just a week, it is too small for new state, so I have just couple visited places and I’ll add several images from the end of 2019.
The first we had an epic Fail. We enter Utah by HW 80 from Nevada. We crossed Great Salt Lake Desert. The most impressive view is placed on the LEFT side of highway. And the nearest place to turn is about 50 miles. It is so sad!

The first visited place was Antelope Island State Park. It is deserted island in the Salt Lake. There is not much water in the lake.

Great Salt Lake

t would be sad if not for the mountains. Mountains are always beautiful

Great Salt Lake

The island is a reserve. There are bisons and other animals. Of course, bisons are presented even in Golden Gate park, but there is another environment here. From above it looks like this


We drive to bisons. I was waiting when they start attack us and I was ready to press accelerate in any moment. But they had a peaceful mud. They looks not great


Peeled sides, tag in the ear. They are counted. They looks much better from the side: huge proud animals


Many people afraid of bisons, so we look at them something like this :)

Car and bison

Raven above all the fuss and look at it from above


Sometimes bisons cross roads, we have not seen it. But we have mat another interesting animal.

The first image we had found a day before. We had thought that it is a mistake. Trees? It is a joke! But then I took a look at the trees


It looks like a mistletoe and does not attract attention, you need to know what to look for

This was a hidden animal. Only the tail was visible


I used a telephoto lens and I i caught a paw.


And then the eye. I have lost so much film for porcupines!

They don’t want to be photographed. Did you know that their needles are smeared with an antibiotic? Porcupines fall from trees, pricks with their needles, and in order not to get sick, nature has created such an amazing mechanism …

There are a lot of birds but they very shy. So, lets photo bisons!

Lonely bison

And mountains. When mountains have reflection they are looking just excellent 

Mountains and reflection

In the evening was a really strong wind so we decided to walk at next day

Salt Lake City

Restaurants in Salt Lake City are great.

There was a really serious rules in the hotel.


Only a mask is required in California. You know, mormons…

The rain was at new day.

Salt Lake City is elevated about 4,200′ near Rocky Mountains. In the middle of April all grass is yellow in California. But Utah had a rain and snow. And a blossom. The road is almost KAD in Saint-Petersburg. It is nostalgic :)

Road and rain

What we could do? The first, we visited a Capitol


Also we have visited one of the Cathidrals 


It looks… European. Inside and outside 

The cathedral has very beautiful stained-glass windows

And payment system…

A device for increase your karma. Any payments are accepted.  A modern device that helps medieval beliefs. I like that combination!

Our path lay in direction of National Park Arches. While we were filling the car and buying beautiful books a rain stopped. 

I had planned to see waterfall in Rocky Mountains but I was sure that the rain destroyed my plans. But we had another one chance and drove into the mountains.And the rain turned to snow.  Here is what we saw


Harsh mountains are shrouded in clouds and snow

Mountains and clouds

Railway looked like closed


But life is life! No weather can stop amateurs and professionals


A wonderful view from the town


And flowering trees

Mountains and trees

About two hours of driving and there was no snow, no rain, just clouds reminded about bed weather


All hotels near the park are very expensive. So, we decided to spend a night in Green River. It is about an half of hour driving from the park. There no life in the city. Just a couple motels, a gas station and one small market. 

Forgotten town

Former bank building

Forgotten town

Finally, we arrived at the park. Of corse, the rain came with us

Red stones

Winds and rains had created bizarre structures here


And arches. And the sky was amazing


Look! Some of them are huge!


Some arches require a long walking about 3 miles and back. Unfortunately, the rain started again and we had no ability to visit all places. Some of them just photographed from a long distance 


The rain is coming. We had to spend about 3 hours in the car. 


But, of course, in any case, it is beautiful


When we left the park the rain is stopped. It decided to stay in the park


We were driving to the next hotel, next park, through the desert

Tree in desert

The next park was Bryce Canyon. The park is very popular and we was lucky that we were here in workday. All parking lots are full from early morning. The canyon is not very large (according with Grand Canyon) and, in my humble opinion, was cozy. And very nice


Golden-mantled ground squirrel caught the sun light

Golden-mantled squirrel

Another view from the middle of the wall. It is gorgeous 


One of the sightseeing. The queen. Are you seeing the plume?


Another rocks


 The clouds were getting bigger. 


Colours are bright 


You can walk along scenic paths


In the meantime …

It is coming

It is coming…

It is coming

It is here. Snow.


Changes are instant

Snow rocks

 But the snow melted. Drops.


There were little rains in the last winter. We can see just a creek instead of a river

River / creek

Some arches could be available directly from the road


There is another one amazing park Zion. We visited the park in the end of 2019

It’s strange to see cacti in the snow


The park is a gorge created by the river


The river started in narrow gorge and travellers had the ability to rent special clothes and boots for water travelling.


Ice was amazing


A view from a slope


Snow melted.


But some slopes still white


there was some frozen small waterfalls


But if there was a sun it looks like a spring. In the middle of December. 


The most stunning panorama opened from a special viewing platform. But we had to overcome the challenge of height


The prize was awesome


Thank you for your attention. I hope it was interesting.

Have a wonderful travels! Share your routes and images!

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