Seattle. Part 3, final. City & Boeing museum

My hands, finally, came to make out a pictures. It less than half a year. OK. almost half.

The third day of trip I started better nowere. Without camera. Really, why I should charge the camera? So, most of the photos was taken on the phone.

Let’s start from the breakfast. It’s really good. Octopus, egg, vegetables… Delicious! ;)

pic01 1

The park was beautiful, but we visited the city, so we went to see a cities sightseeng. It was raining, but it harmonise very well with fountains. By the way, there is a path under the water, anybody can run here. But the weather is not too suitable :)

pic02 1

There are a lot of skyscrapers in the center, we had seen them from tower a couple day before. I couldn’t just take picture, so I have used a panoramic mode and created a monster with huge distortions. But the picture is remained for memory…

pic03 1

We wonted hide from the rain, and library came at handy to us. A huge glass building in the center of the city

pic04 1

There is a very futuristic view inside. Space a little bit useless but beautiful and light.

pic05 1

There are a lot of books, of course. Anyone can take a book and read it. I suppose it is very cool

pic06 1

Old book was found in special area

pic07 1

Of course, there are not only dusty toms. A lot of modern books there are on the first floor. Even a comics are placed on shelves, just from the printing house. It is very interesting.

Some skyscrapers are available for visiting. Of course, it is must see attraction. The first of them is placed near the old building

pic08 1

We have bought a ticket and wait an elevator. A waterfalls adorns a waiting

pic09 1

There was a small speech about history on way on the top. The doors are opened and you see a wonderful views. I was fascinated by junction

pic10 1

I have created a half of hundred pictures. What I should do with them?

Voyagers sailing along the bays surface on the other side. There is ability to take a ticket to one of them. It’s no expensive, it is not a cruise to Alaska.

pic11 1

There are a blocks which placed by rule on the third side. You can see a stadium and the first skyscraper of Seattle on the right bottom corner. Now it is not very impressive, there are a lot of higher buildings

pic12 1

The north side, the last, contains a view with Space Needle and skyscrapers silhouettes

pic13 1

Vista point is very comfortable. There is a cafe, some places,for the rest and even for the game. But,you can just sit and see at the window

pic14 1

This view make the coffee better. I’m ready to start every morning with such view. I remembered McDonalds restaurant on Alessandra Nevskogo squire in Saint Petersburg. I was sitting and watching on the running people. It’s a perfect start of day.

pic15 1

Their are a lot of restaurants on the bottom of skyscraper. They was closed when we entered a hour ago. One of them had very interesting name for Russian

pic16 1

The second skyscraper for visiting was selected a historical building. There are a lot of elevators inside

pic17 1

I suppose it lower in two or three times. Unfortunately, I have a not very accurate eye

pic18 1

It is not so impressive. Space Needle is not longer visible, but it is still interesting

pic19 1

It is not so high, but what elevators! I have felt another age!

pic20 1

The rain had finished, the air fresh and clean. A trees smell good

pic21 1

There are a lot of sculpture

pic22 1

And there are a lot of relaxing points. Sometimes there are fountainspic23 1

This is a historical skyscraper. It’s very nice.

pic24 1

There is underground railway in city the center. Some highways moved under ground too. But I’m afraid, rush hours in the tunnels is not very funny

pic25 1

There are some churches around the center. This is one of them. It was closed by unknown reason

pic26 1

The church merged on the picture with building. Oh… But another one church is opened. 

pic27 1

It’s very topical church

pic28 1

But I was impressed by some sculpture? Installation? I don’t know how it called.

pic29 1

This is another one example of buildings neighborhood from different ages. I suppose, skyscraper behind the Smolny in Saint Petersburg would look better than now.

pic30 1

A 15 minutes by Uber and we arrived in to the Japanese Garden. It is nice, but a typical

pic31 1

I suppose that in the Fall it should be better. Red, yellow, purple leaf should look great

pic32 1

Some kind of hill and view of the tower 

pic33 1

I had to use a «donuts» for a little bit more interesting picture

pic34 1

But now is a dinner time! Seafood is great

pic35 1

A dish for two :)

Another one view of outskirts. A green and I think a cozy


There are a hills and wonderful city’s view


The sun is peeped out of the clouds and light is gorgeous


We were traveled father from center. There were one-story America: small houses and green streets. A trolly looks strange between such houses, but I had seen something like this before. In Tula, Russia.


And the last two sightseeing for today. A Lenin monument. It was build and placed in Czech Republic. When communistic system was fault somebody bought the monument and transferred to US


His hand are red. This is a protest action

And the second. The troll under the bridge


This is a very useful troll. There were a dark place and a drugs market and administration announce a competition for the creation of attraction. It is nice and many tourist are visiting this place, so the market was destroyed…

The next day started from short walk on city’s center. This is a botanic garden for Amazon’s employee. It’s like bubbles, isn’t it? 


And now is a skyscrapers without panoramic mode. But special effects still presented, of course. It is FishEye


This day was dedicated to the Boeing Museum. We traveled by the bus, public transport is very good in Seattle.

Of course, the Boing Museum it is about aviation, but the first exhibition was about space. This is a landing capsule.


There are a lot of halls with aviation. 


I can create a special report about museum. There is a wonderful historical collection from ancient to modern times. There are a wooden planes from The World War I


This is a handwork, elegance, art.

And there are a plans from The world War II. Feel the difference


The most impressive hall is about modern aviation. I have seen the fastest passengers airplane — Concord. It is so swift, graceful. It is fantastic


We were walked along an old board number one


And saw a Dreamliner


Finally, I will show a little bit strange object. It is interesting from my professional point of view


It is a plane in a testing process. There are a tens server racks inside. Special programs move any detail thousands times and check reaction. It is very interesting… But we already knew that the fails could happened

This is the end of our journey. Unfortunately our plane started not from Boeing aerodrome so we have to take an Uber, but it doesn’t matter :)

Have a good trips!

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