It was one of the last bright days before pandemic and we decided to visit Portland. It is less than our from San Francisco by plane.

We had no much time so in the evening we started our first walk.

pic01 1

Portland placed at Willamette river, so there are a lot of bridges. Almost likes in Saint Petersburg. Bridgetown is one of the Portlands nicknames.

pic02 1

It would be very nice have a walk along embankment but there were a lot of dark person with shopping carts so we decided to return into downtown.

There are some fast-food places.

pic03 1

It is very democratic: different social strata meet near the store. In the bay area at 11 P.M almost all already closed. But there is a lot of light and some people on the city streets.

pic04 1

It’s nice to walk the decorated deserted streets.

pic05 1

Our morning started from embankments. The nature provide a very nice and habitat light

pic06 1

Strange people are disappear when light came, embankments was filled by sportsmens

pic07 1

There are bridges, junctions, architecture…

pic08 1

The life in the city is started

pic09 1

Even helicopters start day

pic10 1

It is a dawntown view. I have posted some pictures in Instagram, may be I repeat something. Another one view

pic11 1

One road along an embankment created right on the water. Floating road

pic12 1

It was rainy and even my huge umbrella couldn’t help. But all rains was strong and short, so after 7-minutes break under the bridge walking was continuing

pic13 1

Streets was clean and fresh.

pic14 1

There are a lot of graffiti in the city. Very nice

pic15 1

This is one of the city sights. Powell’s book store. The store takes up a whole block. There are several levels. 

pic16 1

There are a new and used books. We have found a rare editions and even books on Russian. I’m sorry that I made few pictures inside…

pic17 1

Working by the city. It is a typical American street:

pic18 1

The central square: Pioneer Courthouse Square. I have posted a picture of the night square, now it is a dark building of court

pic19 1

And graffiti again

pic20 1

Some of them are very unexpected and I had to remember some Soviet Unions graphic arts. This is only the picture, the wall is flat.

pic21 1

This is a luteran church, it was building from 1891 to 1958.


Squirrels added a life and colour into city.



pic24 1

We have reach our target. Funicular. 

pic25 1

It is a strange route. The destination of the funicular is a hospital. There is no parks or trails, just hospital

pic26 1

Of course there is a panoramic view

pic27 1


I felt something from Finland on this street

pic28 1

Our next stop is China Garden

pic29 1

It was chinese new year eve so everything was decorated

pic30 1

Dance of dragons:

pic31 1

And graffiti. Again. IMHO, very strange

pic32 1

At the end of the day we visited neon city business card: deer silhouette against state outline background

pic33 1

The last day in the Portland. The weather is fine, but we have to little time.

pic34 1

In the park there is a rose garden, but it is not a good season. And Japanese garden. It is a very strong contrast with Chinese

pic35 1

Instead of a bright husk — peace, harmony

pic36 1

And union with nature  

pic37 1

Portlands Japanese gardes was vated as the best Japanese garden outside of Japan.

There is a cafe with strange deserts and testy tea

pic38_1 1  pic38_2 1

Lastly we took a ride in light metro — tram. It looks like tram in the city but somewhere it hidden under the ground.

pic39_1 1

It is interesting that one station has two designs. Each way has it’s own colours

pic39_2 1

And there were a lot of Canadian goose near the airport. They made us nervous but nothing happened wrong :)

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